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2015 - present


Consolidated High School District 230

2015 - Ongoing

high school summer school district administrator  

Consolidated High School District 230

2013 - 2015​


Indian Prairie School District 204

August 2010 - 2016


Northern Illinois University

July 2011 - 2015


Joliet West High School

July 2009 - July 2011


Joliet Township High School

2004 - 2009


Joliet Township High School

2008 - 2011


Governors State University

Major Achievements

Development of strategic plan to lead numerous complex projects with a team of 21 school administrators to improve human and systems outcomes resulting in 25% increase in dual-credit and AP courses, 3% increase in graduation rates, 6% decrease in failure rates, 11% decrease of special education students placed in restrictive environments, and curriculum alignment across all courses to ensure equity and social-emotional growth to close the achievement gap.

Implemented zero based budgeting process, tighter controls for purchases, and reduction of consumable materials by 45% over 4 years, resulting in savings over 500K.

Oversight and development of an education pipeline and multiple committees to address the teacher shortage, increase staff diversity, reduce barriers to employment in the profession, and coordination of MOUs with post-secondary partners.

Designed and developed a District Innovation Cohort to support the Digital Learning Program through a teacher-driven 

Influenced development of innovative English Learner program at all three schools by creating a new district administrative position to provide student opportunities to overcome language barriers and oversee all grants to ensure compliance.

Board of Education Responsibilities

Co-Chair Board of Education Educational Services Committee to provide monthly updates, policy reviews, and other official business.

Present updates and attend all monthly Board of Education meetings.

Oversee the District policies and ensure compliance with administrative procedures.

Ensure and report two-way communication between administration and teacher's association.

Provide weekly written reports for Superintendent's update to Board of Education.

Interact regularly with Board of Education members on various topics.

Ensure compliance with all negotiated contracts.

Fiscal Management

Oversee $5M budget by ensuring correct monitoring of expenditures, calculating forecasts, renegotiating contracts, and ensuring compliance.

Oversee project development for a multi-year, multi-million dollar capital improvement plan to redesign each school's library.

Ensure grant compliance for all federal grants.


Lead partnership approach between building and district leadership through professional dialogue, support for district to building initiatives, and mentorship opportunities to build greater leadership capacity.

Create opportunities for dialogue between administration and teacher's association through formal and informal exchanges.

Supported the creation of a Career advisory board by partnering with over 50 local businesses to provide students with apprenticeships, internships, job-shadowing, and career exploration experiences during high school.

Lead administrative team to design, implement, and oversee a research-based curriculum design protocol, which also includes literacy, equity, and social emotional learning targets, to ensure curriculum across the district is equitable, accessible, aligned, guaranteed and viable and facilitated by highly skilled teacher leaders.

Developed greater organizational leadership capacity and growth by leading, mentoring, and coaching a team of 21 school administrators and 30 teacher leaders.

Create opportunities for fiduciary responsibility by hosting monthly budget meetings to ensure transparency between departments.

Ensure alignment and communication with over 15 feeder school districts, parochial schools, and other independent schools within the District 230 community. 

Evaluate and supervise administrators, teachers and support staff using the Danielson Model.

Development of strategic plan to increase operation, efficiency, and fiscal management.

Increased success rate from 85% - 99% passing rate for academic courses by development of a Multi-Tierd Systems of Support in three years.

Oversee all day-to-day building operations for summer programming for over 2,600 high school students.

Supervise and support summer school administrative coordinator.

Oversight  of STEM summer camps at all three schools for feeder school students.

Ensure safety measures in collaboration with local law enforcement and staff development.

Ensure implementation of crisis plan with all staff.

Supervise administrative team by using a strengths based approach.

Facilitate time with building leaders and athletic directors to ensure summer programming meets both academic and athletic student needs.

Define success criteria for student learning, program evaluation, and 

Innovative delivery of instruction.

Develop community outreach programs to ensure all students are engaged over the summer.

Led development of an online consortium with several other area school districts to deliver online courses with fidelity by district teachers by working through legal compliance, collective bargaining unit MOU, development of administrative position, hiring director, representing the District as the lead, represented the superintendent as needed, and interfaced continually with member district leaders to ensure fidelity.

Oversaw a multi-million dollar instructional technology budget and realized 14% savings by renegotiating vendor contracts.

Served as liaison between teaching and learning department and technology department.

Established the vision for instructional technology within the district and oversaw implementation of Google Apps for Education.

Began a "Beyond BYOT" blended learning program to leverage technology with an emphasis on research-based instructional practices.

Oversaw and directed the work of 31 librarians and 36 technology integration liaisons. 

Supervised and mentored district instructional specialists.

Developed professional learning and leadership opportunities both in-person and online.

Instructor and administrator of an online class for undergraduate students in the College of Education and the Department of Educational Technology, Research, and Assessment. 

Utilize Blackboard Learning Management System to fully integrate an asynchronous online learning environment.  Responsible for delegation of all assignments and grades. 

Guide students through activities, discussion, and feedback to assist with best practices in technology and curriculum. 

Help students to understand the importance and value of technology in the 21st century classroom.

Empower, supervise, and evaluate approximately 45 high-school teachers and administrative assistants.

Create a strong sense of community and identity with all stakeholders.

Facilitate and develop professional learning opportunities for teachers and staff with a focus on content, pedagogy, technology, social-emotional, literacy and cross-curricular connections.  

Provide support and problem solve on a daily basis.  

Oversee investigations into alleged teacher misconduct.

Built community partnerships and created internship opportunities for students.

Mentor new teachers and recruitment and retainment of staff to ensure diversity and equity.

Assist classroom teachers by facilitating professional learning, modeling best-practices, co-teaching lessons to ensure successful integration of effective strategies and multiple technologies in order to differentiate and enhance student learning. 

Ensure effectiveness of technology integration across content areas. 

Development and facilitation of district-wide training sessions and materials for numerous digital learning strategies aligned to research-based practices.


Serve as liaison between technology and other departments to ensure clear communication.

Develop and delivered an online safety curriculum for all students and presented the information via presentations and online references. 

Develop instruction during co-taught class for three periods with the special education teacher in order to meet the needs of approximately 35 special education students included in the general education English classroom.

Served as English PLC leader to ensure team success criteria is clear and group members are working toward similar outcomes relative to student learning.

Member of numerous committees both in the building and across the District.

Professional responsibilities met through efficient work habits. 

Various leadership roles within the organization.  

Instructor for British Literature II and American Literature I and II courses. 

Selecting relevant works within the time period, ensuring students develop their ability to read text critically, take part in scholarly discussions, and produce logical argumentative essays.

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